samotny jumpscare

welcome to my website! im samotny, but i go by "sosotik" on different platforms

i'm currently working on a revamp of this website!!!

basic info: i am from singapore, and i am a guy (he/him)

this website basically serves as a place where you can find all my existing platforms where i do stuff, and also functions as a blog of sorts (i dont update it very often)

socials vvv


discord servers:

aradia megido appreciation server

discord user (click to copy):



cool websites that i genuinely think that you should check out like right now


melankorin dokodemo dimden angel99 smoketopus this is a really cool point and click + 3d first person game thing, all situated in your browser! idk how they do the 3d stuff though, must be opengl this is the same button, except that this links to the dev of the game. check em out! this is one of the artists for the game mentioned in the alt text of the button on the left of this one website that has cool aesthetic + cool fonts


stuff i like:

image gallery


if you want to link me in your website, feel free to do so.

heres the html:

very sorry if the pastebin link is jarring, i cannot be bothered to learn html to do shit right

most recent update: minor updates 26 / 12 / 2023